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Off-plan Credit Recovery Solution (OCRS)


After the global financial crisis many projects were stalled, investor’s payment got stuck in an unfinished project.

This will ensure that the client will regain his payment and recover his investment.

We have a number of developers or investors that are ready to exchange your deposit credit to their Developments.

These Companies are high end developers and are guaranteed and you the client choose what company and were the development is from our list of units available to you.

  • You can transfer to a finished and completed unit. After NOC and Transfer of the deposit, you can move in or rent out the unit getting the investment working for you.
  • A part completed project under development with short completion time and possible payment term on completion.
  • Full Off-plan project with clear payment terms and ESCRO Account.

Theses Developers and Projects change when Sold Out so there is always a project that would suit you.